25.8.–17.9. 2022

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About the venue

Siegburger Str. 42
53229 Bonn
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The Pantheon Theater was founded in Bonn in October 1987 by the actor, director and cabaret artist Rainer Pause, among others, and is one of the most renowned cabaret theaters in the German-speaking world. It was located in the basement of the Bonn-Center at Bundeskanzlerplatz until summer 2016. After an investor bought the Bonn-Center in order to demolish the building and use the site for a new building, the Pantheon Theater's lease was terminated as of summer 2016. The last season at the Pantheon ended in mid-July 2016. On August 30, 2016, the lease for the new venue in Halle Beuel (previously one of the sites of the Theater Bonn) was signed between the City of Bonn and the Pantheon Theater. It has a term of 30 years until October 31, 2046. The signing of the contract had been postponed several times by the Pantheon following disagreements between the Pantheon operators and the City of Bonn in July 2016. The theater has been based in Bonn-Beuel since the end of October 2016.