5.9.-3.10. 2024

About the venue

Römerstraße 303–305
53117 Bonn
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The Bonner Fahnenfabrik (also known as BOFA or BoFa) is a traditional company that produces flags, decorative items and advertising material.

The company, which has been producing decorative items since 1866, was one of the largest flag manufacturers in Germany in the 20th century. From 1928 to 2018, the company's headquarters were located at Römerstraße 303-305 in the Graurheindorf district of Bonn. Here, the factory buildings with the distinctive BOFA chimney are located directly on the A 565 motorway, which crosses the Rhine 450 metres away on the Bonn North Bridge. Along with the coffee roasting company A. Zuntz sel. Wwe., the office supplies manufacturer Hebona (Herschel family) and the former Bouvier bookshop, the flag factory is one of the most important foundations of Jewish entrepreneurs in Bonn.


This venue is barrier-free. 
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