5.9.-3.10. 2024

© katsey- photography

Since its founding as the Erstes Wiener Gemüseorchester (First Vienna Vegetable Orchestra) in 1998, the ensemble members, who are active in various artistic fields, have been working together on the conception and realisation of this music performance project.

Countless international media reports made the Vegetable Orchestra known worldwide; it is mentioned in music encyclopaedias, travel guides, diploma theses and school textbooks; a video on YouTube reached over two million viewers within a short time.

Over 300 performances in a wide variety of contexts (theatre, performance, new music, electronic music, workshops, festivals and individual events) have taken The Vegetable Orchestra all over the world. Despite the unusual experimental sounds and the demanding repertoire, the Vegetable Orchestra reaches a broad and very mixed audience, which thus often gets a first contact with contemporary experimental music in a fun way.

The instruments of The Vegetable Orchestra are made exclusively of vegetables, which creates a unique sound style that cannot be achieved with conventional musical instruments.

A performance by the Vegetable Orchestra includes not only acoustic, but also visual and performative elements. The self-designed instruments have to be freshly made before each concert and rehearsal. The olfactory component is not neglected either, as the smell of vegetables quickly spreads through the hall. In addition, vegetable soup is often served to the audience after the concert as an ›encore‹. The shared meal also offers the opportunity to talk to the performers and to look at the instruments up close.

A performance by the Vegetable Orchestra is therefore a multi-sensory experience and offers an exciting mixture of performance and concert.