5.9.-3.10. 2024

© Christoph Blümer

Vocals: Filipina Henoch; Guitar: Marcus Kötter

With sensitive lyrics and wonderful melodies, KRÜMELMUCKE conquers the little hearts of its enthusiastic listeners. Music that does not overtax and enchants even the youngest. In their unobtrusiveness, the songs bring children into contact with music in a playful way. Young and old go on exciting journeys of discovery when the songs tell stories about Rumpumpeldum and other hilarious creatures. Join in, sing along and dance – everything is allowed! The audience has a lot of fun and sometimes conquers the stage at the end of the concert.

Filipina Henoch (vocals) and Marcus Kötter (guitar) are two passionate musicians who bring KRÜMELMUCKE on stage with sunny charisma. To the beautiful acoustic accompaniment, Henoch's sensitive voice brings the KRÜMELMUCKE creatures to life. They create unforgettable concerts that keep alive the legacy of the KRÜMELMUCKE inventor Christiane Weber, who died far too early. Concerts that touch people and bring young and old together in a unique way.