5.9.-3.10. 2024

oneMusic, founded in 2023 by the Israeli-American conductor Yoel Gamzou, is a innovative orchestra that designs its concert programmes according to two principles: At least 50 percent of the pieces played should be new compositions, created by composers who come from very different musical backgrounds, such as pop or electronic music, and who incorporate the entire spectrum of influences of our time into their music. In this way, Gamzou and the musicians involved want to work for a vibrant, sustainable future for classical music.

»We are convinced that an art form can only have a future if its contemporary creation is as relevant as its traditional canon«, says Yoel Gamzou. »Our rationale is to commission new music that touches and inspires modern audiences – much more so than most contemporary classical music has managed to do in recent decades.« The expressed aim of oneMusic is to be in dialogue with our audiences and not only to challenge them intellectually »but also to touch them directly in a more sensual and emotional way.« A central part of the programme of oneMusic concerts remains the reinterpretation of the rich, timeless canon of masterpieces. However, at least 50 percent of the works performed are to be world premieres. The second remarkable novelty of oneMusic is the diversity of the composers selected for the new compositions: They do not neccessarily come from the field of contemporary classical music, but from film, pop, folk or electronic music and are united in their vision that only the quality and integrity of the music counts.

oneMusic actively seeks to discover composers overlooked by the traditional classical music industry and scouting channels. The aim is to commission works from artists with diverse musical backgrounds that reflect today's diverse spectrum of musical languages, instruments and styles. Social media plays a major role in this process: Following Yoel Gamzou's Facebook call launched in November 2022, 350 composers were nominated, four of whom were selected to write the commissioned compositions for the launch concert at the Beethovenfest 2023. More residencies are planned for the future across Europe, often in unexpected places and settings.

The musicians of oneMusic are some of the world's best soloists, orchestral and chamber musicians who seek new forms that combine innovation and experimentation with the highest quality. The launch concert on September 15th in Bonn will bring together 52 musicians from orchestras such as the Zurich Opera Orchestra, the Bavarian State Orchestra, the Staatskapelle Berlin, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and the London Symphony Orchestra, the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra, the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonic Orchestra Hamburg and the Tonkünstler Orchestra Vienna.