5.9.-3.10. 2024

© Ant Palmer

Foot rattles hum and rhythmic clapping elements of Indian dance mix with sounds of Western percussion. The dancer Shivani Karmarkar-Schürfeld and the musician/percussionist Tillmann Schürfeld bring worlds together as the Duo Anahad – Indian classical dance and percussion music from different cultures.

The German-Indian artist couple invites you to discover the ancient art form of Indian-classical dance »Kathak« together. »Kathak« is a millennia-old art form, little known in Europe, whose origins lie in the ancient Indian sagas of storytellers. Shivani Karmarkar-Schürfeld now wants to make this dance form better known in Germany.

With their young audience, the duo musically roams through a whole labyrinth full of exciting short stories from both the Indian and German cultural areas.

The audience is invited to immerse themselves in the world of Indian dance and music and learn something about the meaning of the hand gestures »Mudras«, the rhythm language »Konnakol« and the movements of the »Hastak«.