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Beethovenfest 2020

The Beethovenfest 2020 is postponed to 2021 more

The Beethovenfest Bonn is pleased to inform you that, despite the restrictions due to the Corona Pandemic, this project will take place as planned in the anniversary year 2020:

The project »BAUPROBE BEETHOVEN« by the artists' collective Rimini Protokoll will also take place as an artistic site visit to the Beethovenhalle Bonn, as previously announced, subject to strict conditions.

Ticket purchase for »BAUPROBE BEETHOVEN«

Tickets for the four performances of »BAUPROBE BEETHOVEN« of the Beethovenfest Bonn 2020 are available at all known BONNTICKET agencies. In addition, you can also buy your tickets by phone at +49 (0)228/50 20 13 13 or online (Beethovenfest Onlineshop or www.bonnticket.de). Please send written ticket orders by mail to:

Große Neugasse 2
50667 Köln

Please note the special access conditions and information about this event more 

The Beethovenfest Bonn does not guarantee the availability of tickets. Individual events are in great demand and may no longer be available after just a few hours. Please consider different processing times for your order, which are caused by the choice of the order route and technically related delivery times of your order. For technical reasons it is possible that temporarily no tickets are available. It is possible that tickets can be made available again later.

When purchasing through other online shops or advance booking offices, additional fees may result in deviations from the prices stated in our program. The general terms and conditions of the respective ticket provider apply.

Important note on online sales portals

If you would like to purchase tickets for the Beethovenfest Bonn online, please do so only at official and authorized sales portals such as the Beethovenfest Onlineshop or www.bonnticket.de.  Due to current events, we advise against purchasing tickets via third-party trading platforms, as tickets are resold there at significantly more expensive prices or with hidden fees.