SWR Experimentalstudio

Since its establishment in 1971, the SWR Experimentalstudio considers itself as the interface between compositional ideas and technical execution. With its explorative development of new instruments such as the halaphon, matrix mixer, or the AREC mixing console and most recently the transducer technology it emphasizes pioneering features for live electronic sound conversion and motion.

Through close collaborations with composers such as Stockhausen, Boulez, Cage, and in particular, Nono numerous innovative and notable works were created which are part of the established repertoire. Meanwhile, the Experimentalstudio is present at all the major centers of New Music as an outstanding sound body with oftentimes exemplary recitals. Among the performers associated with the studio through long-standing collaborations are prominent musical personalities such as Mauricio Pollini, Peter Eötvös, Daniel Barenboim, Carolin and Jörg Widmann. By awarding up to twenty work scholarships a year it enables the younger generation of composers (such as Mark Andre, Georg Friedrich Haas and Chaya Czernowin) the development and presentation of live electronic works with integrated and now digital equipment.

Following Hans-Peter Haller and André Richard, Detlef Heusinger took over the artistic direction in 2006.

SWR Experimentalstudio beim Beethovenfest






8:00 pm

Cello in ’Fire‘

  • Linus Roth violin
  • Isang Enders cello
  • Yekwon Sunwoo piano
  • SWR Experimentalstudio live-electonic realisation
  • Simon Spillner Director of sound
  • Vassos Nicolaou Director of sound, Composition
Works by Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, Vassos Nicolaou and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
La Redoute






8:00 pm

Beethoven – with interludes

  • Schola Heidelberg & Solisten
  • SWR Experimentalstudio
  • ensemble aisthesis
  • Joachim Haas Director of sound
  • Walter Nußbaum Conductor
  • Maurice Oeser Director of sound
Works by Ludwig van Beethoven