Quatuor Arlequin

Gustave Flaubert was saying : ‘The outfit of an arlequin is not more varied in its nuances than is a human mind in its madness.’ Diversity and the research of varieties in terms of caracters are the main purposes of the Quatuor Arlequin’s union. The ensemble consists of Tianren Xie and Juliana Plançon, violin, Shih-Hsien Wu, viola, and Quentin Rebuffet, cello.

Founded in 2019 at the Lyon CNSMD, this young quartet, trained by great chamber musicians such as Yovan Markovitch, Agnès Sulem or Marc Danel, is starting to distinguish itself on the french and european stages.

In 2019, the quartet recieve a 3rd prize at the Anton Rubinstein chamber music competition. Shortly after that, they are invited to many music festivals such as Les Nuits de Fourvière, in Lyon, and join the italian agency Dimore del Quartetto, next to a couple of other emergent quartets.

As part of the CNSMD’s 40th anniversary, they are invited for a creation with the choreographer Anne Martin and the CNSMD’s young ballet.

Besides their love for classical music repertoire, their four different cultures and strong enthousiasm in terms of musical styles leads them to many projets such as film music recordings, contemporary creations and collaborations mixing chamber music and dance.

Quatuor Arlequin beim Beethovenfest





7:30 pm

‘Gods and Dogs’

  • Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon
  • Quatuor Arlequin
  • Jiří Kylián choreography, decor, musical concept
  • Kees Tjebbes light
  • Dag Haugerud video
  • Cecile Semec video
  • Tatsuo Unemi computer controlled projection
  • Daniel Bisig computer controlled projection
  • Joke Visser costumes
  • Russell Maliphant choreography
  • Lee Curran light
  • Stevie Stewart costumes
Oper Bonn