Orchester l’arte del mondo

The orchestra l’arte del mondo, formed in 2004 by their artistic director Werner Ehrhardt, traditionally plays so-called ‘old music’ on historic instruments. This is the starting point of the ensemble and their programme. They do, however, devote themselves equally to playing a repertoire that extends to the Romantic on modern instruments.

One of the distinguishing features of l’arte del mondo is their unusual, highly innovative programme, which pushes well beyond the horizons of the current concert scene and thus looks to the future. These include musical-intellectual projects with – for instance – the Turkish Pera Ensemble, artists of Peking opera, and Israeli and Palestinian musicians. l’arte del mondo has performed Daniel Hope and Max Richter’s sensationally successful reinterpretation of ‘Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Recomposed’ around the world.

Additionally, l‘arte del mondo regularly work together with great soloists, such as Edita Gruberova, Vesselina Kasarova, Xavier de Maistre, Daniel Müller-Schott, Viktoria Mullova, Lars Vogt, Simone Kermes, Laura Aikin, Rainer Trost, Chen Reiss, Ahmet Özhan and Uri Caine.

Since 2010/11, l‘arte del mondo has been sponsored as permanent orchestra-in-residence by Bayer Kultur. The ensemble rehearses and works in the Bayer Kulturhaus in Leverkusen and develops exceptional concert projects in collaboration with Bayer Kultur.

In 2016 l’arte del mondo gave several concerts in the USA and continued a successful collaboration with the Turkish Pera Ensemble with an extraordinary ‘Turkish’ interpretation of Mozart’s ‘Entführung’. In 2017 l’arte del mondo had guest performances in the Festspielhaus Baden Baden, the Herkulessaal in Munich, the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, the Dresden Frauenkirche, the Rheingau Musik Festival, and the Mecklenburg West Pomerania Festival, amongst many venues.

Since their inception, the creations of l’arte del mondo have been documented in collaboration with, among others, the CD label Capriccio. These include numerous world premieres and rediscoveries, in symphonies, opera and oratorio.

Orchester l’arte del mondo beim Beethovenfest






8:00 pm

Cologne: the talent factory

  • Georg Poplutz tenor
  • Orchester l’arte del mondo
  • Werner Ehrhardt Conductor
Works by Paul Wineberger, Anton Reicha, Andreas Romberg, Joseph Reicha, Vincenzo Righini and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart






8:00 pm

‘Admirable musician’

  • Dorothee Mields soprano
  • Anne­kathrin Laabs alto
  • Martin Koch tenor
  • Thomas de Vries baritone
  • VOX BONA Kammerchor der Kreuzkirche Bonn
  • Karin Freist-Wissing preparation
  • Orchester l’arte del mondo
  • Werner Ehrhardt Conductor
Works by Andrea Luchesi and Ludwig van Beethoven





8:00 pm

The cradle of genius: music at the Cologne court

  • Orchester l’arte del mondo
  • Verena Fischer transverse flute
  • Elisabeth Weber violin
  • Petar Mancev violin, viola
  • Priscila Rodriguez-Cabaleiro viola
  • Linda Mantcheva violoncello
  • Christine Schornsheim grand piano forte
Works by Felice Giardini, Andreas Romberg, Christian Gottlob Neefe and Ludwig van Beethoven
Kleine Beethovenhalle