New Piano Trio

The New Piano Trio has been able to impress with its emotional immediacy. Infectious grooves and fresh sounds come along with complex compositions. The result: a respectable independent voice in contemporary classical music that is open to idioms of folk, pop and jazz. The three musicians hereby perform on the chamber musical highest level.

Violinist and composer Florian Willeitner is the mastermind of the New Piano Trio. Especially his musical ideas make up the ensemble’s special sound. The violin virtuoso knows no taboos and is inspired by traditional music cultures as much as by classical music, pop, rock, jazz and folk. With ears wide open and the violin in his backpack he is set off traveling on a worldwide quest to find sounds with ancient roots, modern energy, combining them to something new. Willeitner’s works have been performed at renowned venues and reputable festivals. His compositions speak their own language and his counterplay impresses with ease paired with uncanny technical ingenuity.

Cellist Ivan Turkalj is a passionate grand master on his instrument. The classical repertoire is as easily performed by him and with cogency as groundbreaking projects, which through to indie rock explore the possibilities of the Cello and demonstrate the musical versatility. As founder and member of successful bands and ensembles such as The Hidden Cameras or The Erlkings, Ivan Turkalj has guested at the renowned concert halls of Berlin, London, Munich, Vienna and Cologne. With his thriving enthusiasm he has charmed audiences of great festivals such as the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival or the Heidelberger Frühling.

Pianist Alexander Wienand is a composing keyboard wizard. The worlds of jazz and classical music are no separate but equal worlds for him that both belong to his inspirational field from which he gathers his musical ideas. Thus, the brilliant pianist can be encountered on the one hand at renowned jazz festivals such as the Cologne Jazznight, the Jazzhead Bremen or the Düsseldorf Festival and on the other hand on major classical stages. Together with his projects he has performed among others at the Berliner Philharmonie, the Bad Kissinger Klaviersommer and the Musikfest Stuttgart.

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