MIKIs Takeover! Ensemble

„Fish or flesh?!“ is the question that comes up with this ensemble. Although they steadily play in a pop cultural context, they do so exclusively on classical instruments. But then one discovers this wickedly expensive steakhouse where shellfish is served to steak, and the whole thing even has a fashionable name: Surf & Turf…

Therefore, with this chamber musical ensemble a decision between the genres is not necessary. Both is served: classical music and pop. On the highest possible level. All actors surrounding Miki Kekenj, founder as well as head arranger, and double-bass player Max Dommers, who also reaches for pen and music paper, are professionals from renowned German orchestras.

Most of the time the base is formed by a string ensemble of four, that is complemented by richly colored instruments such as the clarinet, oboe or harp. Depending on the artistic whims.

Accompanied by them are artists from the pop culture – mostly singers, sometimes deejays – who often appear in a classical context for the first time. Philharmonic halls, classical music festivals and a seated audience are nothing they are used to. But the musical web they fall into is soft…

In its meanwhile three year old history the ensemble, which has its artistic home in the philharmonic hall in Essen, has acquired a remarkable audience and can recourse to an artist catalog that can be seen.

The ensemble has played with artists such as Max Mutzke, Cassandra Steen, Bosse, the DJ duo Moonbootica, Curse and Maxim.

MIKIs Takeover! Ensemble beim Beethovenfest






8:00 pm


  • MIKIs Takeover! Ensemble
  • & special guest
  • Jugendchor Sunrise
  • Max Herre singer songwriter
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