Koka Nikoladze

Koka Nikoladze, born in Tbilisi, is a Georgian artist who is resident in Norway. He trained as a violinist and composer and has good skills in programming and developing technologies. He believes that the creative will is one of the most dominant human instincts. He composes music and is always inventing things.

As part of his PhD thesis at the Norwegian Academy of Music on the subject ‘How to hack performers’ he created his first self-built instrument. Intended as a tool to train the fingers, the ‘Beat Machine No. 1’ went viral after some photographs were published on social media.

His instruments feel like small machines from the lab of a brilliant inventor in a steam punk story. The ‘Beat Machine No. 2’ for example resembles an old wooden raree show, the kind that used to be exhibited at fairs in bygone days. It is made of springs, curious tubes and levers on the lid, while there is a light bulb inside that lights up in a rhythmic fashion.

When the Georgian composer starts playing on the Beat Machine No. 2 it becomes clear why the electromechanical invention bears this name. Four magnetic coils inside the box encounter four elements on the lid: a metal rod, a small plastic tube, a spring on a soldering iron stand and a snare-spring. Each part produces its own sound. The sound box – the wooden box – is amplified by a microphone that Nikoladze places next to the machine.

Nikoladze is often viewed as a post-composer. This term covers many things, such as traditional composition, musical instrument construction, performance, installation art etc. He works with a number of international artists and gives lectures around the world about composition and computer music.

Koka Nikoladze beim Beethovenfest





8:00 pm

‘Beat Machines’

  • Tom Thum Beatboxing
  • Gordon Hamilton Composition, Conductor
  • Koka Nikoladze Composition, Beatmachines
  • PODIUM Strings

Tickets from 18.-

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