Kammeroper München

Since its founding in 2004 the Kammeroper München has delivered a special and ambitious operatic programme. Thanks to its interpretations of well-known as well as rare works from the operatic literature it has carved out for itself a firm spot in Munich’s cultural life in recent years.

Its performances stand out as both approachable and imaginative. Furthermore, the stage concepts are original and the musical arrangements unusual. In addition to an orchestra that consists of permanent members – whose numbers vary depending on the production – the Kammeroper München selects young, talented individuals from the field for its operas every year. The focus here is on the young singers’ exceptional skills with regard to their voices and their acting.

The Kammeroper München collaborates closely with the music academies all across the German-speaking world, so that every year it can find and nurture highly gifted young singers who are between the completion of their studies and their first engagement for its productions. As a result, the operatic ensemble from Munich has become a forum for nurturing young talent.

In addition to large stage productions, the Kammeroper regularly hosts concert evenings, featuring concepts such as composer portraits – e.g. Rossini, Haydn, Mozart, Schumann and Schubert – in collaboration with well known artists such as Michael Mendl, Michaela May, Sophie von Kessel, Sabine Sauer, Gerd Anthoff, Lisa Wagner, August Zirner, Thomas Loibl, Friedrich von Thun and Peter Fricke. Musical highlights also include concert projects with singers who work internationally, such as Juliane Banse, Waltraud Meier, Robert Gambill, Günther Groissböck, Daniel Behle and, in autumn 2018, Okka von der Damerau.

These singers are particularly appreciative of the intimate artistic atmosphere away from the regular concert scene, as this allows them to try out particular musical formats and pieces. There was a ‘Winter Journey’ (Winterreise, Franz Schubert) with Günther Groissböck for example where the piano part was arranged for a chamber orchestra.

Kammeroper München beim Beethovenfest






8:00 pm

'The world on the moon'

  • Oliver Weidinger bass baritone
  • Kammeroper München
  • Stefan Hahn tenor
  • Thomas Lichtenecker contratenor
  • Dominik Wilgenbus director
  • Virgil Mischok baritone
  • Friederike Mauß soprano
  • Polly Ott soprano
  • Vanessa Fasoli mezzo soprano
  • Sebastian Beckedorf musical direction
  • Peter Engel set
  • Dorothea Nicolai costumes
  • Bettina Fritsche choreography
  • Wolfgang Förster light
Works by Joseph Haydn