Emil Brandqvist Trio

‘Picasso would be thrilled,’ commented ‘Kulturnews’ about what is now the third album released by the Swedish-Finnish piano trio named after its drummer, Emil Brandqvist. Anyone reading through the reviews for ‘Falling Crystals’ (Skip Records) will have no doubt in their mind that they would be listening to ‘captivatingly beautiful’, ‘cinematically inspired melodies’ (‘Focus’) with a ‘hypnotic lure’ (‘Gong’, ‘HörZu’). However, the Emil Brandqvist Trio can do much more than inspire listeners to dream. Emil Brandqvist, Tuomas A. Turunnen and Max Tornberg tell stories that audiences will remember for a long time to come. The personable explanations by the band leader do the rest so that every audience is won over in no time.

Emil Brandqvist, a drummer from Gothenburg, has spent the last few years playing his way into the leading ranks of European jazz; his trio stands for unhurried, pictorial and touching melodies and sounds that stick. It is one of the trademarks of the trio, which includes the Finnish pianist Tuomas Turunen and Max Thornberg from Stockholm on bass, that the multinational Scandinavian ensemble invites guests into its studio in order to complete its paintings of sound and to make its music more multifaceted. For the first album ‘Breathe Out’ in 2013 it was the Sjöströmska String Quartet from Gothenburg that provided the additional accents; for the subsequent album ‘Seascapes’ Emil Brandqvist and his fellow musicians invited a number of wind instrument musicians who could intensify the atmospheric music with flutes, clarinets, bass clarinets and a flugelhorn. The fact that the album managed to reach fourteenth place in the German jazz charts was surely in part down to the trio playing a whole series of wildly successful concerts at festivals such as Palatia Jazz and in Hamburg, thereby emphasizing that it could easily meet the high demands of a live setting.

Concertgoers last year got a hint of the direction in which the trio is developing; ‘Falling Crystals’ expands the cosmos of sound to include moods and compositional structures that emphasize the exceptional status of the three Nordic musicians.

Emil Brandqvist Trio beim Beethovenfest





8:00 pm

Poets of jazz

  • Emil Brandqvist Trio
  • Emil Brandqvist drums
  • Tuomas A. Turunen piano
  • Max Thornberg bass
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