Anne-Sophie Raemy

Anne-Sophie Raemy was born in Fribourg in 1990. After her training to become a clothes designer in 2013, she completed her B.A. in Fine Arts at the HK Bern and the HDK Zurich. During her studies, since 2006, Anne-Sophie Raemy has also been working with Junge Bühne Bern and the theatre collective Sans Cible. After graduating, starting in 2013, she was set-design assistant at the Konzert Theater Bern for two years. During this time she also produced her own works as a costume and set designer in the genres of dance, acting and opera.

Since 2015 Anne-Sophie-Raemy has worked freelance as a costume and set designer. She has worked with Emily Magorrian in the Schlachthaus Theater Bern, Jan Stephan Schmieding at the Schauspielhaus Graz, Claudia Bosshard at the Konzert Theater Bern, Cosima Grand in the THL Sierre and in the Tanzhaus Zurich and with Joachim Schloemer in the Volkshaus Biel/HKB Oper and at the Podewil/Berlin, to name but a few. She is also associated with the costume designer Laura Locher in the cinematic field.

Anne-Sophie Raemy beim Beethovenfest






8:00 pm


  • Joachim Schloemer director
  • Diana Soh music, Composition
  • Anne-Sophie Raemy set, costumes
  • Marcela Ruiz Quintero dance
  • Elise Chauvin voice
  • E-MEX-Ensemble
  • Evelin Degen flute
  • Felicia Meric violoncello
  • Carsten Langer drums
  • Matthias Geuting organ