Marino Formenti – Beethoven’s late Piano Sonatas

Marino Formenti, a Milanese pianist living in Vienna, has a penchant for unusual recitals. His programmes invariably open up new vistas or trace connections one would hardly have suspected. For his three Bonn recitals he received a carte blanche that inspired him to design programmes associated with Beethoven’s final three piano sonatas, revealing just how brightly these extraordinary works illuminated music until well into the 20th century. Formenti unquestionably commands the sophisticated technique necessary to give his ‘headstrong’ programmes their proper impact – a residency that invites us to a tour of past glories, the modernist age and the present day.





6:00 pm

Vienna, New York, Paris

  • Marino Formenti piano
Works by Ludwig van Beethoven, Charles Ives and Jean Barraqué